Biden’s “Literally Slandering a Candy Bar”


Joe Biden’s SOTU was a 67-minute rant against Donald Trump and Republicans. He never addressed his plan for America, and didn’t honestly review the state of the union. The highlights came when he veered away from the teleprompter, like when he tried to say “Laken Riley” and came up with “Lincoln Riley.” Threatening the Supreme Court Justices was another moment.

Then he decided to slander the Snickers candy bar, claiming the company was cheating us by shrinking the size of the bar.

The Candy Bar Slur

“In fact, the snack companies think you won’t notice if they change the size of the bag and put a hell of a lot fewer — same size bag — put fewer chips in it. No, I’m not joking. It’s called ‘shrinkflation,’” Biden said. “Pass Bobby Casey’s bill and stop this. I really mean it.”

“You probably all saw that commercial on Snickers bars. And you get … charged the same amount, and you got about, I don’t know, 10 percent fewer Snickers in it,” he added.

Biden has previously brought up the size of a Snickers bar and the idea of shrinkflation. He said during a campaign event in Las Vegas last month: “They haven’t raised the price of a Snickers bars. They just took 10 percent of it out … it’s a lot smaller. So that’s how they’re making more money.”

Mars is a big Biden supporter. That’s what you get from supporting Biden.

Scott Jennings posted the response from Mars:

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