Crime Pays in New York


Crime literally pays in New York. A new bill would use tax dollars to pay criminals $400 monthly for six months. There are no restrictions on how or where the money is spent.

State Senator Kevin Parker and Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs introduced a new bill to pay criminals after they leave prison.

Prisoners are given $40 when they leave prison.

“In this economy, that amount is barely enough to get groceries or purchase clothes for a job interview,” Gibbs said. “The first 72 hours after release are crucial in determining an individual’s successful reintegration into society. By increasing the amount to up to $2,550 in the span of a few months, we allow folks the opportunity to reach their full potential. This isn’t just a social justice bill but a public safety one. We need to start offering real support to folks re-entering society if we want to reduce recidivism and ensure stability and dignity for all.”

This is one of the controversial improvements to the criminal justice system. Instead of looking for ways to reward criminals, they should spend their time repealing the bail reform laws.



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