Biden’s losing track of 1 in 3 children coming in illegally and unaccompanied


The corrupt Biden administration has lost track of one in three migrant children who have crossed the border and been put in care during the biggest spike in crossings in history.

We know that child sex traffickers are nabbing these children and even acting as sponsors. Nothing is done to even slow the pace of illegal immigration so the administration can get this under control.

They simply don’t care. All they care about is having all the power in government and the people coming in illegally are their key to a one-party country.

Biden’s administration lost track of thousands of unaccompanied minors released from custody in the first five months of 2021

One in three released minors or their sponsors haven’t answered check-in calls

A FOIA request revealed of the 14,600 required calls made January-May, only 4,890 were successful in reaching the minor.

As the number of illegal migrant crossings and apprehensions rises, so does the number of minor migrants who are released from government custody into sponsor or guardianship custody. The government doesn’t properly vet the sponsors. The government also doesn’t call the sponsors often enough.

Where are these children now? Who wants to even think about it?

This administration is aiding and abetting the sex trafficking of children. The monsters know no one is paying attention and are exploiting the opportunity.

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