Erasing history, from the Taliban to Michelle Obama


I’m not an Amanpour fan but the clip below is right on. The Taliban are deceivers. For some reason, Biden’s administration believes or pretends they believe the Taliban might allow women freedom. It’s not going to happen. Historically, they’ve made promises like that in the past and they do the opposite.

If we were to guess, we’d say this isn’t naivèté on the part of the Biden administration, it just suits Democrats’ purposes right now. There is talk of Democrats cutting nearly $800 billion out of the military budget and that could definitely be one of their goals.

They want the money for their huge, enormous, socialist welfare state.

Asra Nomani joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax today to discuss a Virginia teacher training video that erases the terrorism of 9/11. It does a fair amount of whitewashing of the horrendous terror attack to allegedly avoid (fake) Islamophobia.

Ms. Nomani, a liberal Democrat Muslim, said Democrats are in bed with the extremists and the jihadists have penetrated the party.

That’s very provable.

If you remember, Michelle Obama is all for erasing history.

The Taliban clip:

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