Biden’s new Assistant AG for Civil Rights seems to be racist and anti-Semitic


Joe Biden’s pick for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clark wrote a letter to the editor on black and white genetics and Tucker Carlson has it.

She recently said at a presser that she will close the door on hate and discrimination by enforcing our civil rights laws.

Tucker said she is a purveyor of what she purports to fight. Clark made some shocking statements at Harvard. In 1994, she wrote on the Crimson in her role on the black studies association, while explaining ‘race science’  and black and white genetics, that blacks had “superior physical and mental abilities” because of melanin.

She also said, “black babies sit, stand, crawl, and walk, sooner than whites.”

That’s all nonsense of course, and it’s racist.

She also used fake science to claim some whites’ brains are not functioning, adding that 60 to 80% of the European brains are calcified.

Clark also said that blacks have superior spiritual [and physical and mental] abilities and it can’t be measured by European measures.

Even Harvard thought this was nuts.

This woman will be in charge of our civil rights laws. She soon after that, invited the notorious anti-Semite Tony Martin to speak on campus. She said his anti-Semitism is based on scientific fact.

As a lawyer last year, she said Asians didn’t have enough melanin to enter Harvard. In fact, the Asians were denied entrance simply because they’re smart and Asian.

Didn’t Jimmy the Greek get fired for saying blacks were anatomically superior?


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