Biden’s new Assistant AG for Civil Rights seems to be racist and anti-Semitic


Joe Biden’s pick for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clark wrote a letter to the editor on black and white genetics and Tucker Carlson has it.

She recently said at a presser that she will close the door on hate and discrimination by enforcing our civil rights laws.

Tucker said she is a purveyor of what she purports to fight. Clark made some shocking statements at Harvard. In 1994, she wrote on the Crimson in her role on the black studies association, while explaining ‘race science’  and black and white genetics, that blacks had “superior physical and mental abilities” because of melanin.

She also said, “black babies sit, stand, crawl, and walk, sooner than whites.”

That’s all nonsense of course, and it’s racist.

She also used fake science to claim some whites’ brains are not functioning, adding that 60 to 80% of the European brains are calcified.

Clark also said that blacks have superior spiritual [and physical and mental] abilities and it can’t be measured by European measures.

Even Harvard thought this was nuts.

This woman will be in charge of our civil rights laws. She soon after that, invited the notorious anti-Semite Tony Martin to speak on campus. She said his anti-Semitism is based on scientific fact.

As a lawyer last year, she said Asians didn’t have enough melanin to enter Harvard. In fact, the Asians were denied entrance simply because they’re smart and Asian.

Didn’t Jimmy the Greek get fired for saying blacks were anatomically superior?


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1 year ago

Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, NOT melanin…JFC…

Steely Dan
Steely Dan
1 year ago

“…black and white genetics, that blacks had “superior physical and mental abilities” because of melanin.

She also said, “black babies sit, stand, crawl, and walk, sooner than whites.”

That’s all nonsense of course, and it’s racist.”

No snowflake, it’s not racist to recognize reality. The genetic differences between the races cannot be ignored. There’s over 100 years of research on the topic. You see the differences every day. For example, there are far more poor people of other races than blacks, and yet they dominate professional sports. Every racial group comes with the good and the bad. Calling people racist for recognizing these GROUP differences is no different than claiming the sun circles the Earth because the Church demands it so.

Hey, I wish I was born into a group with an average 117 IQ but I wasn’t. I just thank my lucky stars I wasn’t born in Sub-Saharan Africa where the average IQ, 68, is within the mental retardation range. HOW THE LEFT MANAGED TO SUPPRESS THIS REALITY IS BEYOND ME.

Racial groups are not the same. Individuals are even less similar. The whole “everybody is the same” mantra is just a false religion. It’s insane and self destructive.

1 year ago
Reply to  Steely Dan

but because we are all human beings, we all need to be treated the same.

Reply to  Jurgy

We’re all to be treated with respect, dignity, kindness, courtesy, etc., etc. but not treated as clones of each other. Independence is to be (to use a snowflake term, if I may…) “celebrated”!!!……………WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! As long as we are contributing to society and not taking (welfare) and are obeying the law then that’s what makes this a spectacular country….COUNTRY…..not part of an f’g world order!!!

Wakanda Isn't Real
Wakanda Isn't Real
1 year ago

Tell me more about the architecture, written and spoken languages, wheels, automobiles, libraries, sewer systems, aqueducts, dams, electric plants, airplanes, computers, air conditioning, mathematics, sciences, philosophy, anthropology, manufacturing, long distance sea faring vessels, agricultural machines, radios, televisions, that came out of Africa.


Amen…….not to denegrate the Africans in any way but to denegrate White people for somehow being intellectually inferior is just a bunch of crap. The peoples of the African continent ( as with ANY peoples on this planet) are to be respected for what they bring to the table. We should appreciate our differences and respect one another but don’t start in with how this country is so f’g horrible…….IT AIN’T GONNA GO WELL FOR WHO STARTS THAT…………….The age-old comment regarding, why people flock to this country if it’s so f’g horrible, still is true and always will be true as long as this country abides by it’s Constitution and doesn’t bastardize it like the fascist left now wants to do.