8 probes into 17 Capitol Hill police, 3 suspended with pay over riot


There are at least eight investigations into 17 U.S. Capitol Police officers related to the pro-Trump riot that left five dead on Jan. 6, a House aide familiar with the investigations told CQ Roll Call.

Three Capitol Police officers are currently suspended with pay, the aide said. It is unclear whether those suspensions are related to the eight investigations.

There are also investigations into social media posts and social media activity of Capitol Police officers.

Dem Rep. Tim Ryan, the chairman of the House Appropriations Legislative Branch Subcommittee that funds the Capitol Police, said on a Zoom press conference with reporters Monday that he was briefed on two instances of Capitol Police officer conduct that have resulted in suspensions.

“I don’t have any direct evidence of, as yet, of any kind of inside job,” the Ohio Democrat said. “We do have a couple of Capitol Police we talked about before with taking selfies and another, another Capitol Police evidently put on a MAGA hat … not sure all the details. They have been suspended.”

Oh, a Maga hat. We should hang him in the public square.

The police probably thought this wouldn’t blow up. No right-wing protests have ever blown up previously.

Some police officers let the protesters into the building and said to be respectful in one video. They’re probably in trouble. It will be hard to charge the people they let in given the situation.



  1. Das Radio reported that the capitol police commander resigned.
    Maybe they let infiltrators dressed up in MAGA gear through because Trump supporters usually don’t burn and loot.
    Found the online pics of Antifa agitprop telling comrades to dress up in MAGA gear and even police uniforms from before the election.

    O/T-Das Radio had an ad from the state health department stating that 80+ year olds are now eligible for to get jabby with the vax.
    It was on the FM 70s to present various rock station so that is not really the target listening audience.
    The Peter Frampton, Boston, AC/DC, marathon station got cut off for the commie top of the hour newsfeed.

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