Biden’s Non-Campaign Is “One of the Reddest Red Flags”


Biden can’t speak intelligibly, has a serious mental defect, seriously damaged the economy, opened our borders, and got us into wars. No one comes to hear him speak on the campaign trail. He has the worst foreign policy of any president, he’s transforming the country into a socialist hellhole with the help of Obama staff, and his poll numbers are abysmal. Biden is overseeing the fall of the United States, yet he’s confident, so confident in fact that he doesn’t bother to campaign.

But he is the 81 million vote man in the most secure election ever.

Scott Adams noticed that Biden doesn’t feel the need to campaign, which is “one of the reddest red flags.” Adams says if he doesn’t campaign and wins anyway, “it’s going to get ugly.”

Biden doesn’t need no stinking campaigning. Biden has mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, extended voting, unsecured Zuckerboxes, illicit campaign funds, hackable voting machines, changing voting laws – at the last minute, skewed browser search results, free media advertising, and anti-Republican messages on almost all news outlets, and so much more.

He once explained that he has the “most extensive voter fraud organization in history.” What if he meant exactly what he said? Are we sure he didn’t?


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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 months ago

Why campaign when democrats rig elections and know they will “win” again ?

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 months ago

Crooked IS the new “straight”…a la demoncrapioca…