Biden’s Presser with Kenya’s President Was a Clown Show


Biden’s press conference with Kenyan President Ruto turned into a clown show today. Biden mumbled about how Kamala Harris was the president a couple of years ago.

He looked and acted like a late-stage dementia patient from a rest home.

Here is ignoring the Kenyan President.

He thought Kenya was Haiti.

He asked the handlers how many questions he was allowed and then gave away more of our tax dollars.

Biden assured the Kenyans that the population of their continent would soon be 1 billion (down from 1.5 billion). Then he read a long prepared answer from his crib sheet.

Best of all, he told them they are very important, almost up there with our NATO allies, and promised them millions of our tax dollars. Biden said we would be there for them. Biden announced that he would name Kenya the first sub-Saharan non-NATO ally. Who gave him that idea? Barack?

Why isn’t he there for Americans? He’s spreading our money all over the world while killing our economy and allowing millions of unvetted people into the country to take our jobs and possibly kill us.

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