Biden’s Rally-Heckled & Looks Frantically for His Mask-This Guys Got the Nuclear Codes?


About a week ago the Sentinel had some fun reporting that anti-auto Joe Biden was going to hold a drive-in car rally in Georgia.  We felt it would be interesting to follow up, and see just how that get-together turned out.

It’s safe to say there were a couple of bumps, bad pun intended, in the road.

Here’s one.  Joe spent almost 2 minutes appearing clueless while being heckled by attendees chanting “end detention now!”  He finally responded by saying “I agree with you.”  Hunter’s Father continued,  “I’m working on it man, give me another 5 days.”

Right. Maybe Biden should have waited until day number 105 so could have announced the end of detention centers, and stopped those hecklers in their tracks. 

Here’s another oops that is probably funnier, or depending on your point of view, more terrifying.    That’s because, while the above-mentioned razzing was unexpected, this foul-up was completely self-inflicted.

The problem?  For 30 seconds, Joe couldn’t find his mask. Worse still, was the kind of almost frantic overreaction you could see from Biden and all those with him.  On the get-a-chuckle side, you’ll see his Dr. Wife looking through the binder that was holding his notes.

What’s that telling us; when Jill’s looking to see if her hubby stuffed his mask in with a bunch of papers who knows how many other people touched?

Looking for my mask — I’m in trouble,” the president finally told the crowd, without explaining exactly what “trouble” he would be in given that he is already vaccinated and was speaking outdoors.

And this guy’s got our nuclear codes?  Off this performance, it would seem more like we’re in trouble.

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