Biden’s reducing troops; Trump says out of 26K evacuees, only 4K were Americans


According to former President Donald Trump, only 4,000 Americans have been evacuated out of 26,000. The remainder of the evacuees are unvetted Afghans. There is one report that there are 30,000 to 40,000 Americans still in Afghanistan.

Watch Democrat journalist Joe Conason, at the end of the article, defend Biden and say that 50,000 unvetted evacuees must be resettled here.

The United States has reportedly started reducing troops in Afghanistan while we have thousands of Americans and allies still stranded in the nation. But they’re not stranded as Jen Psaki said, we’re just leaving them there.

According to UK’s Boris Johnson, the August 31st date will not be extended.

This is treason and he’s catering to and helping the Chinese communists.

Democrat journalist/activist, Joe Conason, claimed falsely in this clip that Biden didn’t say he wouldn’t extend the date of departure. He then tried to blame it on Donald Trump. Conason wants 50,000 unvetted Afghans who were transported out to be settled in the United States.


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