Biden’s smuggling op includes streams of pregnant women with small children


Infowars has been banned because Alex Jones has said some crazy conspiratorial things. However, that doesn’t mean he is always wrong, and he will go to places no one else will. One of his reporters, Owen Shoyer, was on the border and the camera crews captured dozens of pregnant illegals being processed in downtown McAllen, Texas, around 9 PM on Monday.

He appeared to have caught a smuggling ring bringing in dozens of pregnant women, some with small children. He said these buses bring the women in all day, every day.

We can’t verify that, but he has video.

After being tested, the women were then walked to the Catholic Charities building, made famous after Alex Jones stopped an illegal smuggling operation there last week.

It is true that Catholic Charities is far left and is betraying the nation. They are as far left as my Pope.

I posted this because it is exactly what Barack Obama did but now it seems to be the same approach to the 50th power. This means we will have poor women and their children to support.

Shoyer said the police tried to stop the film crews from filming. Watch the videos on this link.

You can watch this brief clip to get the idea:

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