Biden’s ‘Solved’ Cargo Ship Crisis Is Worse Than Ever – It Was a Trick


“It is the new normal,” Cordero said.

Well, perhaps…until 2025.


Oh, so you know how you heard that the cargo ship crisis has been solved?  Well, that’s not true. The number of vessels stationed off of the Los Angeles coast is still at an all-time high.

The ‘fixed’ cargo ship crisis is worse than ever with more than 100 cargo ships waiting to dock at two key airports.

On November 30, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka announced that there were 46 boats stationed off the shores of California’s Long Beach and Los Angeles ports.

Prior to that, there were 100.

The ship-tracking website MarineTraffic reports that there are currently nearly 100 cargo ships waiting to dock at the two popular ports.

The bottlenecks continue, with many of the ships waiting at sea since October.

All of that costs money – a lot of it.

They keep the ships outside the port and only count the ones in port.

In addition to the 96 ships waiting offshore on Friday, there were 31 container ships at terminal berths, bringing the grand total to 127, at or near an all-time high.

They changed the definition and improved nothing. This is so typical of these frauds.

Frank Buckley talks with Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero about the volume at the San Pedro Bay ports complex and why the backlog of cargo ships and containers should come as no surprise.

“It is the new normal,” Cordero said.

Well, perhaps…until 2025.


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