Rep. Greene’s Presser & Report on Prison Conditions for J6 Defendants


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held a presser today to discuss the J6 prisoners and what she witnessed during her visit there.

She began by discussing the two-tier justice system, with over 500 violent BLM/Antifa protests, over 90% of BLM rioters had their charges dropped. That was despite $2 billion in damages. There was only one right-wing riot and we can see the difference. The J6 riot involved $1.5 million in damages which is a big difference.

The prison the J6ers are held in is deplorable. The prisoners are beaten by guards, called white supremacists, denied haircuts, and can’t have visits with families and attorneys. Many are veterans and many have never been charged with a crime.

They are called cult members and forced to disavow Donald Trump.

There is no bail and no opportunity to have due process. They don’t know when they are going to get a chance to get bail.

MTG explained that she is totally against the violence on J6, but the way these people are treated is wrong.

ActBlue raised a great deal of money for BLM to get them out of jail, but their riots were well out of control. Still, Congress only talks about J6 and they will use everyone and everything to make sure you never mess with them again.


Unusually Cruel an Eyewitness Report From the DC Jail by MaurA g on Scribd

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We Are Wakanda
We Are Wakanda
1 year ago

External enemies and allies will laugh out loud at any finger pointing or lecturing about human rights abuses as long as the J6 political prisoners exist.
The enlightened faculty lounge light worker beings are just that clueless.

1 year ago

These are nothing less than Political Prisoners. J6 was orchestrated by the Deep State Democrats who actually believe that Globalism is a good idea. A real investigation into J6 would reveal that Nancy Pelosi was behind it. There was absolutely no reason for Nancy Pelosi to reject the National Guard Troops which President Trump offered except to enable the Black Op we watched unfold. The J6 Congressional inquiry is nothing more than a cover up, just as the Warren Commission was. Inquiries such as this should be done by a Committee of State AG’s. The Congress (The Federal Government) is incapable of policing itself.