Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran Seems OK with Terrorist Organizations


The terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah are simply misunderstood by the West according to President Joe Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran, Robert Malley. He says “Hezbollah and Hamas, there’s so much misinformation about them. I speak to them and my colleagues speak to them. Now, we may disagree with them but they have their own rationality. That’s the one thing to understand.”

“These are not — none of them are crazies,” the anti-Israel envoy continued. “They may do things that we may consider to belong to a different realm of rationality but within their own system, it’s often very logical”, the Daily Wire reports.

US Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley speaks to VOA Persian at the State Department in Washington on March 17, 2021, in his first VOA interview since taking office in January – 02.jpg

What did we misunderstand? The killing of hundreds of US soldiers? The bombing of our bases? The constant ‘Death to USA’ threats? Their rush to have the bomb, perhaps?


As Bloomberg reports, Biden’s first [although it’s not the first] policy blunder could be on Iran. They were referencing the hiring of Robert Malley, an Israel hate, and Iran sympathizer.

Malley publicly dissented from “Clinton’s own view that the talks failed because of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s failure to make a counter-offer. In 2008, he stopped advising the Obama presidential campaign on foreign policy after reports emerged that he had met with leaders of Hamas, an organization the U.S. and Israel consider to be terrorists.”

It’s similar to Biden having Russia negotiate our Iran nuke deal.

The Reason

“There is a reason the Obama/Biden administrations did not push back on Khamenei & Nasrallah’s power across the Middle East,” Alireza Nader tweeted.

“It’s deeply troubling that President Biden would consider appointing Rob Malley to direct Iran policy. Malley has a long track record of sympathy for the Iranian regime & animus towards Israel…,” Sen. Cotton says.

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