Biden’s Taliban 2.0 is right now hunting down the top female cop in Afghanistan


Joe Biden’s Taliban 2.0 is going from house-to-house slaughtering people. They are now hunting down the top female cop in Afghanistan.

They’re hunting down the top female cop

Gulafroz Ebtekar was a deputy head of criminal investigations in the Afghan Interior Ministry

She was brutally beaten by Taliban fighters at the gate of Kabul airport attempting to secure evacuation.

She was singled out by the Taliban as a target at the gates outside Hamid Karzai international airport in Kabul, where she spent five nights attempting to secure a place on an evacuation flight.

Gulafroz Ebtekar, believed to be 34, was a deputy head of criminal investigations in Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry and is seen as a role model for Afghan women with a notable media presence.

The policewoman was a role model for Afghan women. She is now “on the run” and fearing for her life after the final US evacuation flight left earlier this week.

It comes as Taliban soldiers held mock funerals for Western forces on Tuesday to celebrate the final withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of war.

Taliban ‘victory’ parades took place on Tuesday after the last US troops left the country overnight.

Coffins draped in the UK, US, French, and NATO flags were paraded through the streets by the Islamists.

Thousands of people waving Taliban flags turned out to watch after fireworks were let off in Kabul overnight.

Meanwhile, Taliban leaders paraded at Kabul airport alongside troops decked out head to toe in western gear.

Biden said his efforts were an “overwhelming success.”

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