Biden’s Talking Racist Again! Wants Our Guns, Has Brass Knuckles for GOP


Biden with Ukrainians he said he knew nothing about.

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is back at it, sounding a bit condescending or racist, however you decide to look at it. He referred to women in Detroit as “women from the hood.” Then he talked about how they learned to code because it’s “not rocket science.”

Gee, thanks for that Joe.

Biden wants to ban the sale and manufacture of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. For those who own so-called assault-style rifles, he is proposing to force owners of assault-style rifles to either sell their firearms through a voluntary buyback program or register them with the federal government. He hasn’t defined ‘assault rifles’ but many Democrats say it must include all semi-automatics. As for registering, that’s the beginning of the registry Democrats want for future confiscations.

Online sales of guns would be banned. He will incentivize Red Flag laws and launch studies to show guns are tied to domestic violence and whatever else the gun grabbers can come up with.

In this next clip, he put his face in radical leftist Joy Reid’s space and told her we have to work together, without consensus, nothing gets done. Then he added he would take “brass knuckles to some fights with Republicans and said something about a physical revolution.

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