Biden’s Talking to Dead People Again


Joe Biden spoke to Francois Mitterand, a German or French fellow (Biden wasn’t sure) which is quite a trick since Mitterand has been dead for nearly thirty years. Biden has been known to address dead people he thinks are in the audience.

Biden recounted his conversation right after he “was elected in the South anyway” (in 2021) when Mitterand, who died in 1996, asked him at a G7 meeting, “How long are you back for?” Biden went on making no sense.

Speaking of making no sense. That would be Bidenomics. A CNBC poll shows that only 17% of 18-34-year-olds believe the economy is “good.” Almost half, 48%, do not have enough savings to cover more than two months’ worth of living expenses.

The New York Fed claims credit card delinquencies surged over 50% in 2023. Automobile delinquencies are at their highest rate in more than a decade.

Biden is starring in the USA clown show.

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