Biden’s town hall: Minorities don’t know how to get online & other horribles


During the Joe Biden town hall last night, Anderson Cooper played the part of his Charlie McCarthy dummy as Joe lied and spewed nonsense. It wasn’t an interview, it was an event meant to make him look good. CNN is in the Biden business.

“That’sPresidentBiden” and “Biden’sTownHall” are trending but almost all of the comments are by Soros groups, Progressive Mind, CNN, Medias touch, and other far-left trolls.

CNN’s Biden Town Hall included 12 audience questioners and not a single one was a Republican. There were two independents who voted for President Trump in 2020, but that was it. Six Democrats, four independents, and two independents voted for Trump.


Joe Thinks Blacks Are Too Dumb to Go Online

Joe Biden is still the racist, arrogant fool he always was. Biden said black people are too dumb to know how to use the Internet. Trump was portrayed as racist, but in effect, he is.

Biden declared no one should ever go to jail for an illegal drug, just rehab. His voting blocs include gangs and felons.

About his open borders policy, #NotMyPresident Biden tried to justify his amnesty policy by saying all migrants have to be treated with “dignity.”

White Supremacists

During the staged event, he claimed white supremacists are the greatest domestic threat [not the violent communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter or even the communist professors.]


Biden continually refers to the alleged 11 million illegals in this country. He will give them amnesty. The truth is there are tens of millions of illegals here by some studies. No matter what the final tally, he wants them all to have amnesty. They will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

There goes America.

He lied with impunity.

Biden got his two doses before entering office:

Biden told a little girl that kids don’t get COVID. “I wouldn’t worry about it, baby. I promise you.


The Chinese Communists’ reasons for committing genocide and other human rights abuses is that President Xi “gets it,” and he is expected to follow his country’s cultural norms.

Phony staged help event:

Here he is unscripted:



  1. Comrade Biden is outliving his usefulness and will soon be replaced by his ChiCom masters with their Governor in-waiting, Harris. Get use to the fact you are now living in the ChiCom’s new province once known as the United States of America. If you question this obvious fact, then please name one action Biden and Harris have taken that has not benefited our new ChiCom masters? Please, just one. Right now the military and government are being purged of all patriots and replaced with ChiCom agents and fellow travellers.

  2. Comrade Kommissar Biden is Alexander Kerensky in the stale LAME 1917-1918 replay.
    Those who cannot learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
    What you didn’t vote for it and don’t want it?
    Welcome to democracy, comrade.

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