75% of Republicans want Donald Trump to play prominently in the GOP


A Quinnipiac University poll found 75% of Republicans want former President Trump to play a prominent role in the Republican Party. That’s not a good sign for Mitch McConnell who recently started a war with Donald Trump.

“He may be down, but he is certainly not out of favor with the GOP. Twice impeached, vilified by Democrats in the trial, and virtually silenced by social media … despite it all, Donald Trump keeps a solid foothold in the Republican Party,” Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy said,

The poll released Monday, just two days after the Senate voted to acquit the former president, surveyed 1,056 adults, with only 21% of Republican respondents noting their desire for Trump to not play such an outsized role in the party moving forward. The poll was conducted between February 11 and 14, as Trump’s impeachment trial was taking place.

The same poll indicates Americans, in general, don’t want him playing a prominent role by 60-34% with Democrats at 96-3%. Independents don’t at 61-32%.

Eighty-seven percent of Republicans say the former president should be allowed to hold future office, with only 11% dissenting, while a majority of Americans, 55-43%, say he should be barred from holding elected office again. Democrats pull that number down.

Senile Joe Is Popular?

The popularity of Joe Biden shows Americans either don’t care about their freedom or they are completely unaware of what is going on. Biden is acting like a dictator, keeping us locked down, doing a poor job of vaccine distribution, flooding our country with tens of thousands of unvetted future Democrats for a permanent one-party electoral majority, preparing to greatly limit our rights to self-defense, destroying jobs, killing a whole economic way of life, including the energy sector and the gig economy, and so much more.

Actually, Biden’s and Trump’s popularity at this point does compare favorably.

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