Biden’s Visit to Uvalde, Texas?


Biden hopped in Air Force One to visit the families in Buffalo three days after ten African Americans were killed.

Uvalde is made up of a huge Hispanic community. Will Biden come down to Texas to visit these grieving families?

Just four days ago the Mayor of Uvalde was on TV discussing Biden’s open border policy.

If Biden doesn’t visit Uvalde, it will be a huge slap in the face for the entire Hispanic community. Uvalde is ground zero for Biden’s failed border policy. And he will be a lot closer to the problem areas along the border than Kamala ever was.

Uvalde in the background. Illegal aliens were in an overturned vehicle, May 17, 2022

Biden and the Democrat playbook is to allow as many as they can to come across the southern border to turn Texas Blue along with most of the rest of the country.

If within three days Biden will visit an African American community that is grieving the loss of their loved ones you would think the POTUS would visit any community. And, especially a Hispanic community to keep up the facade that the Democrats really do care for these grieving families.

Their entire well-woven plan to flood the country with future Democratic voters all hinges on whether Biden announces today he is going to visit Uvalde.

If Biden doesn’t come down to Uvalde it will tank any chance to swing the Hispanic community into Democratic voters.

A group of twenty illegals with US Border Patrol in hot pursuit running through a Biden press conference held outside the Robb Elementary school would be a press conference for the ages.



Given the flood of illegal aliens and cartels pouring through Uvalde, aren’t guns necessary in Uvalde?

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1 year ago

I don’t think Traitor Joe is welcomed in Texas.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Hunter’s Father could make it a doubleheader. First a stop at Uvalde to “console” grieving families. Next take about a 45 minute car ride to the southern border to view the ongoing deadly mayhem taking place down there. Maybe he could have another “Corn-pop Moment” by actually stopping some dangerous illegal immigrant crashing our country. Thinking the Secret Service would be happy to provide POTUS with the chain needed to do that job.