Biden’Title 8 Is Not Trump’s Title 8


Biden will allow illegal aliens to continue pouring in, but they must use the approved points of entry. They also must have travel documents.

Mexico mass produces and distributes travel documents.

Under the Title 8 guidelines, the DHS states Congress must update immigration law. In other words, give them all amnesty and let a lot more people into the country.

Importantly, these measures do not supplant the need for congressional action. Only Congress can provide the reforms and resources necessary to fully manage the regional migration challenge. Since taking office, President Biden has continually called on Congress to pass legislation to update and reform our outdated immigration system. State and DHS are taking action with the tools and resources available under current law, but Congress’s failure to pass and fund the President’s plan will increase the challenge at the southwest border.

There are many exceptions:

To avoid these consequences [banning entry for five years], individuals are encouraged to use the many lawful pathways the United States has expanded over the past two years. Today, the United States is announcing additional lawful pathways, including:

    • Expanded Access to the CBPOne App to Appear at a U.S. Port of Entry. When the Title 42 order lifts, migrants located in Central and Northern Mexico will have access to the CBPOne mobile application to schedule an appointment to present themselves at a port of entry rather than trying to enter between ports. CBPOne will make additional appointments available, and the use of this tool will enable safe, orderly, and humane processing.
    • New Family Reunification Parole Processes. DHS is creating new family reunification parole processes for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia. The agency is also modernizing existing family reunification parole processes for Cuba and Haiti. These processes, once finalized, will allow vetted individuals with already approved family-based petitions to be paroled into the United States, on a case-by-case basis. The U.S. Government will deliver timely and efficient authorization for those approved and vetted to travel. Individuals paroled into the U.S. under these processes would be eligible to apply for work authorization.
    • Double Number of Refugees from Western Hemisphere. The United States will commit to welcoming thousands of additional refugees per month from the Western Hemisphere – with the goal of doubling the number of refugees the United States committed to welcome as part of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection. To achieve this goal, the United States is building on processing efficiencies achieved over the last two years and further increasing resources and staffing to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program in this region.

They call it “humane” immigration.

They’re encouraging it by allowing them to enroll from everywhere in the Western hemisphre:

    • Open Regional Processing Centers Across the Western Hemisphere to Facilitate Access to Lawful Pathways. In a historic move, the United States alongside other countries of the Los Angeles Declaration today announced they will establish Regional Processing Centers (RPCs) in key locations throughout the Western Hemisphere to reduce irregular migration and facilitate safe, orderly, humane, and lawful pathways from the Americas. The first centers will be established in several countries, including Colombia and Guatemala, in the region. Individuals from the region will be able to make an appointment on their phone to visit the nearest RPC before traveling, receive an interview with immigration specialists, and if eligible, be processed rapidly for lawful pathways to the United States, Canada, and Spain.

Instead of stopping the invasion of future Democrats, they will make taxpayers fund it. Meanwhile, we have an ever-increasing homeless problem that is not properly addressed.[We give billions of dollars to Ukraine.]

    • Reduce Impacts on Border Communities. DHS has awarded more than $135 million to communities to date this fiscal year and will award an additional $290 million in the coming weeks.  The Administration is also ramping up coordination between state and local officials and other federal agencies to provide resources, technical assistance and support, including through regular information sessions with stakeholders to ensure that the program is broadly understood and the funds are accessible. The Administration will continue to mobilize faith-based and non-profit organizations supporting migrants, including those providing temporary shelter, food, transportation, and humanitarian assistance as individuals await the outcome of their immigration proceedings.

Read the document here. We selected the paragraphs we find alarming.

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