Biden Won’t Track or Supervise Aliens Pouring In En Masse (See Documents)


As reported in February, the Biden administration planned to release illegal aliens en masse when Title 42 ended. According to NBC News, they are releasing the aliens onto our streets without any tracking technology, and there is no way to track or supervise them. Since they leave their IDs behind, we don’t know who they are. The regime has also warned them about entry points that might stop them from getting into the country illegally.


The Daily Caller has the document instructing Border Patrol to let them in (paroled) WITHOUT any tracking technology. Very few will appear. Border Patrol estimates under 10% will appear in court on their due date, years from now.

This allows massive waves of illegal aliens into the country:

[The Regime set up the emergency and now makes it clear it won’t stop until everyone here gets amnesty, except maybe hardened criminals. They are violating federal laws which they swore to uphold. Shouldn’t they be arrested or impeached?]

Biden Tells Illegal Aliens How to Get Into the Country

The Regime has also warned illegal aliens where to get into the country without being stopped.

The Border Patrol agents are reportedly angry that the Biden regime gave dangerous illegal aliens a heads-up on what entry points to avoid.

Bill Melugin reported in a series of tweets that “it’s puzzling that DHS would announce this publicly via a press release which essentially gives these evaders/gotaways a heads up that they are coming. Already hearing from frustrated Border Patrol agents said the operation will now be worthless.”

The progressives (communistas) demand they be allowed free entry.

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