Big Bro Cuomo Now Has a 24 Hour, Turn in Your Neighbor, Tattletale Hotline


Under the NYS PAUSE Enforcement Assistance Task Force: “New York State created a task force to ensure compliance with NYS on Pause.  You can file a complaint if you know of a non-essential business still operating or a gathering that violates the rules by filling out this online form or by calling 1-833-789-0470, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

As you might expect with this kind of authoritarian “compliance” dictate, those making complaints can remain anonymous.

Meanwhile here’s a brief look back at some crowd control decisions Gov. Cuomo did and did not make.

March 10- He ordered a one-mile “containment area” in New Rochelle, calling the outbreak there a “cluster”.  New York National Guard troops were deployed to deliver food to quarantined residents and help ensure the cleaning and closing of public facilities.

March 15-Andrew called on Mayor Bill DeBlasio to come up with a New York City School closure plan within 24 hours.  Five days later, the schools closed.

March 19-The New York Post featured an article spotlighting year-round residents on eastern Long Island outraged over “the sudden influx of rich Manhattanites panic-fleeing, bringing along their disdain and disregard for the little people — and in some cases, knowingly bringing coronavirus.”

It had begun one week before. The rich, announcing they were headed to their second homes out east, immediately ravaged every supermarket and stripped the shelves bare.  “Then they hit P.C. Richard & Son in Southampton to rush-order extra freezers to hoard all that food — 700 orders last weekend alone.”

Crickets from Governor Cuomo on what would become a dangerous, and even deadly precedent for those living in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. <

As the numbers of city dwellers, fleeing the hottest of all corona hot spots in the USA for LI  grew, Long Islanders cried out for help.

But Andrew has, to this point, never made a concerted effort to “contain” his wealthy city constituents (some of whom are likely big Dem donors) from contaminating the folks in Nassau and Suffolk.  Nope.  Not so much as a Prince Andrew plea to, upon their arrival, stay in place for 14 days.

Compare that total non-response to his containing of New Rochelle using NY’s National Guard.    It would seem the ever so PC Governor might have some, now proven to be, literally, unhealthy biases against those living outside his 5 borough bubble.

So what’s all that gotten Long Islanders?  This weekend Cuomo announced, It “is like a fire spreading”.  “There is a shift to Long Island … As Long Island grows, the percentage of cases in New York City has reduced.”  Sunday’s numbers were 14,398 cases in Nassau and 12,405 in Suffolk.

LI rose to 22% from 15% of coronavirus hospitalizations statewide, while NYC declined.  Asked if the size of the increase on Long Island stems from New York City residents migrating onto the Island, Cuomo said, “I don’t think we know.”  Sure.

What Big Bro Cuomo does know, however, is if he offers New Yorkers a 24 hour, tell on your neighbor, tattletale hotline he can clamp down on those pesky 3-on-3 pick up basketball games and maybe 4 pro-life people standing 6′ apart demonstrating in front of a still active abortion clinic.

Somebody should have dropped a dime on Cuomo when he allowed the uninterrupted, unchecked flow of panicked NYC elites to elbow their way onto Long Island.  It would have very likely saved us from a lot more illness here, than his latest dictatorial decree, ever will.

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