Big SEC Win at the Supreme Court


The people had a very important Supreme Court win today after the big loss in Murthy v. Missouri, which allows the tyrannical government to pressure social media to silence people they don’t want heard.

Constitutional attorney Matt Davis praised the Supreme Court’s SEC decision. He said, ”Barrett found her backbone. That’s a good six to three decision where the Supreme Court held that the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was supposed to be this executive branch agency, but it’s this weird independent agency… they’re not independent.

They think they are … administrative law judges, essentially federal bureaucrats who pretend to be judges.


Why It’s Important

The SEC case is important in Americans’ lives because these SEC bureaucrats purport to regulate Wall Street through what they think is an independent agency. If you’re an executive branch agency and you think you’re independent of the president of the United States, elected to run the executive branch, then your agency is unconstitutional. Matt Davis said.

“The bigger problem is these agencies were set up to be insulated from accountability. They were set up to be insulated from the president of the United States and Congress and courts. And that’s the very definition of tyranny.

“Not only are they taking power that the federal government does not have under the Constitution, they have consolidated all of that power into people who are not accountable to the American people…

“And I would say this. That they’ve done this on purpose because it’s hard to legislate. It’s intentionally hard to legislate. That’s what our founders wanted because legislation takes away our liberties. So if you’re going to legislate, you need to have the House pass it. You need to have a supermajority in the Senate usually pass it. And the president has to sign it.

It Circumvents Congress

“Well, you could bypass all that if you’re a leftist. Just set up an administrative agency with the Tony Faucis of the world; they’re not accountable to anyone. They can write their own laws, enforce their own laws, and adjudicate their own laws. And then they get Chevron deference. [Chevron deference is an administrative law principle that compels federal courts to defer to a federal agency’s interpretation of an ambiguous or unclear statute that Congress delegated to the agency to administer.]

“So even the judge disagrees that the SEC or one of these other unconstitutional agencies is grabbing too much power, as long as you know, as long as a court says, ‘yeah, that seems reasonable,’ then we’re supposed to defer that to them.


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