Bilawal Zardari at Davos Says We “Must” Form a New World Order


The New World Order promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a conspiracy theory, except the members of the WEF keep talking about it and are planning for it. Among those members is Bilawal Zardari, who says we must form the New World Order. However, they become very upset if you quote their own words back to them.

Newsweek is angry that anyone mentioned it since they believe it’s a conspiracy theory or engenders such theories.

Pakistan’s affected Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at Davos, discussed a “new world order” in Davos.

“Here at WEF…there’s a lot of discussion about what the new world order will be or how, even in the context of a ‘new Helsinki’…how do we work towards that new normative international order that allows us to address our differences and disputes as the civilized world,” Zardari said.

“I believe perhaps we are at the moment we are in such a hyper-partisan, hyper-polarized time that we’re not going to be able to form that new Helsinki today, but I hope going forward we are able to, I mean we must form and improve our normative and international institutional order internationally so that we can address these complaints,” he said.

“I hope this time around, once we’re building this new world order or new rules-based order, the voice of the global south and the developing world is included.”

Newsweek seemed concerned that commenters joked about it or made comments not uttered by Mr. Zardari. They also claim he just wants to solve problems and that was the point. Newsweek called Drew Hernandez a conspiracy theorist for quoting Mr. Zardari’s words about the New International Order and the New World Order, which he says we “MUST” have.

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