Bill Gates Wants China to Have More Control of Global Governance


China’s rise is a huge win for the world,” Bill Gates says.

Bill Gates, a friend of the late Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile, promotes totalitarian China with statements that are provably untrue. He has a blind spot when it comes to China. The software thief wants them to have more power in global governance. He admires the CCP and thinks their rise is a “huge win for the world,” even as they are America’s most dangerous enemy. They hope to become the number one power in the world and do their best to diminish us, infiltrate our citadels of thought, and steal our secrets.

Gordan Chang is fed up with Bill Gates pushing the CCP. His latest comments disgust Mr. Chang. He’s at a loss for words as Gates says things that are untrue, such as their adherence to capitalism and their death rates from COVID. He does it to promote communist China, a country that would never have allowed him to become rich.

Gates wants the communist regime to participate more in global governance, even as the CCP enslaves Uyghurs and others.

CCP’s vaccination rate is lower than America’s, and their two primary vaccines aren’t very effective, nor are they proven safe, yet Gates says something quite different in this next clip.

About the war, Gates complains about Ukraine but ignores more totalitarian nations like China.

Here’s more of American Last, China First proponent, Bill Gates:

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1 month ago

Bill Gates has been a Grifter all his life. He made his first Million by lying to IBM about an Operating System he didn’t have. When Gates procured a clone of Gary Killdal’s CPM, hacked by Tim Paterson, Bill and IBM were sued. In the end, Gates and IBM cut a deal with Killdal which was designed to destroy Gary Killdal and Digital Research and eventually did. Bill Gates was really a Marketing Major, Minoring in Used Car Salesman, and was trained by IBM in how to be a Monopolist. For over 40 years, Bill Gates has been the Microcomputer Industries Achilles Heal by producing one of the most insecure operating systems ever. Windows was never designed to be used on the Internet. Until 1995, bill didn’t know what the Internet was. Microsoft wanted to go in the direction of stand alone computers and selling resources to support those closed systems. Basically, the IBM computing concept going back to the 1960s. Now he has climbed in bed with the Communist Chinese and the is part of the World Economic Forum Cult to be the Achilles Heal of Humanity.

Windows was broken from day one so use a real operating system – Linux!

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 month ago

Preach it in the town square, Bill.
Dare ya.
Never trust them if they can’t walk a country lane and wave to neighbors.

John Vieira
1 month ago

Proof positive that money and intelligence can be counter productive….