Nothing Suspicious Here: Zelensky’s File Burning of Hunter’s Bio[Weapons?] Lab Data


A Hunter Biden-tied bio[weapons?] lab, Metabiota, was given $24 million of Department of Defense funds. Adding interest is the fact that Ukrainian President Zelensky ordered government officials to destroy all information on Metabiota on the same day Russia invaded the country, February 24, 2022. The proof is available online.

Burning the files on Metabiota

Hunter Biden secured funds for one of Ukraine’s 46 Pentagon-funded bio[weapons?]labs, Metabiota Ukrainian President Zelensky ordered all records of bio[weapons?] lab Metabiota destroyed on February 24th.

Also interesting is that two months after receiving a $500,000 investment from Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca in 2014, Ukrainian bio lab Metabiota received a $23.9 million contract from the Department of Defense. Metabiota only received $340,000 from the Department of Homeland Security the year before.

A Ukrainian document released to the Russian media outlet, @izvestia, showed a decree from Zelensky to destroy all files on Ukrainian defense service members, employees, and staff of the state, and any involvement with [Crackhead] Hunter Biden’s bio[weapons?] lab Metabiota, on February 24, 2022. That is the same day the air strikes on Ukraine began, Liberty Beacon reports.

Zelensky hasn’t denied it.

Metabiota was accused of gain-of-function research. They are tied to the World Economic Forum, Global Virome Project, EcoHealth, and more.

Why is the Department of Defense giving private companies in Ukraine 24 million dollars?

Nothing suspicious here. The Pentagon confirmed funding for 46 bio[weapons?] labs; Hunter secured millions for one lab – Metabiota – from the government. Zelensky ordered the destruction of all government files of Metabiota on the day Russia invaded. Only a conspiracy theorist would suspect anything is wrong here.

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