Bill Gates Wants You to Know Climate Taxes Are Coming


Bill Gates, a fanboy of the very dangerous ESG totalitarians –BlackRock, is pleased to tell us that we must pay climate taxes in the future. He thinks he has the right to determine our future. Gates exposes his benevolent tyranny frequently, most recently with his vaccine interference.

The taxes will be on businesses, but they always come crashing down on the working man and woman.

“Anyone who says climate should not be a factor in how you evaluate the future of a company, um, that’s not capitalism because companies that have emissions, they are going to be subject to border adjustment tariffs or taxes.  You also have to think about companies if you’re dealing with severe weather events that’s got to be factored in.  Is the company … becoming more resilient?  So the attacks are kind of illogical because climate does affect the economy which does affect investments,” he said.

He’s also insisting we make a transition away from fossil fuels, although he appears to have some understanding that we can’t do it instantly.

So-called philanthropist Bill Gates does more than give money out of generosity. He is a control freak who thinks he has the answers and his judgment is correct.

I believe The Gateway Pundit had this story up first. The Pundit called him “creepy,” and that’s mild. This is a man who hung around with child pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. They’re both revolting people and have no right to act as social engineers or tell us what taxes we must pay.

While I don’t think Republicans are not always easy to praise, please vote Republican and stop the bleeding. This is well beyond politics.


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