Glenn Youngkin Comes Out Strong for Kari Lake


Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has done a masterful job of uniting Magas and more liberal Republicans. It’s been happening gradually. An example of how that is working is the accolades from her latest fan. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin cane out for her at a rally in Tucson.

He ran a masterful campaign and united Democrats with Republicans. He focused on the issues Americans care about.

Mrs. Lake is convincing Arizonans that she will do what she said she will do, and that is resonating. Gov. Youngkin has many views that are similar to Kari Lake’s and some that are different. We have a few clips to watch.

Democrats are trying to make it about election denial and paint her as extreme. That isn’t what the election is about and she’s not extreme.


Democrats are tying to make it about the phony election denier mantra. That’s a talking point.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Youngkin said that a child should be taught how to think, not what to think!
The year was 1959. I was entering my sophomore year in High School in high school. My sister was starting fourth grade. Within a few months my mother who had earned her master’s degree in education before she was 22 was upset. My father a brilliant engineer also was upset.

My sister’s new teacher changed the emphasis from how to learn to learning facts.
He boasted about how much they knew in a short time, but they were not learning the skills for life long investigating and reasoning. Though later she won a prestigious Merit Scholarship she was suddenly struggling at school that year(Our mother, truly a master teacher, fixed it.)

Two years later the same craze hit me in my senior year in high school. I was starting to be taught so called facts that made no sense. I noticed I was one of the few in school equipped with the ability to use the kind of logic necessary for higher mathematics.

The poster child for the results: Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg. Adults packed her head with their so-called facts and her brilliant mind absorbed them as if they were truth. We saw the result. She could passionately regurgitate the nonsense, but had neither the logical skill nor the maturity to see the stupidity of her so-called ‘facts’ that in reality contradicted the real scientific evidence.

If you care about the future you must rid the schools of the plaque of this kind of teaching or the USA will be a nation of sheep lacking discernment, simply following the leader.

People like Youngkin and Lake must be elected. My absentee ballot in Michigan was cast for Tudor Dixon for the obvious reasons. If we let people like Gretchen Whitmer be in office they morph into useless idiots like former Michigan governor Jennifer who now heads the (Turn-off the) Energy Department for Biden. If I were a betting man, I would bet she is the one-behind puppet Joe’s disastrous energy policies that helped drive the excessive inflation.

The swamp creatures must be destroyed or America is doomed.