Bill & Hillary to Restore Their ‘Charitable’ Foundation as 2024 Looms


Screenshot of Bill and Hillary enjoying Trump’s inauguration.

As 2024 inches closer, the Clintons have restarted their campaign fundraising ‘Foundation’ known as the Clinton Global Initiative. They will begin with a high-profile gathering of business, political, and ‘philanthropic’ leaders in September.

The original CGI began in 2005 and provides the Clintons with a vehicle and the funds for Hillary’s campaigns. HRC kept it going until 2016, the election year, and only dropped it as the backlash even came from Democrats. She was taking huge sums of money from foreign entities and too much of the money went to overhead and travel for the Clintons and their apparatchiks.


Bill is claiming he wants to bring it back due to the kind of “cooperation and coordination” it created. He sees it as urgently needed, reports the Clinton-friendly AP.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has ripped the cover off of longstanding inequities and vulnerabilities across our global community,” Bill Clinton wrote in the letter Friday. “The existential threat of climate change grows every day. Democracy is under assault around the world, most glaringly in Ukraine where Russia has launched an unjustified and unprovoked invasion that has put millions of lives in grave danger.”

He suggested the pandemic will change how it looks. Will he cash in on the COV monies and mechanisms of mass control?

“It seems that all across the globe, people are pulling away from those who are different from them—putting our future at greater risk and making it harder to solve the challenges and seize the opportunities in front of us.”

According to the foundation, more than 3,700 [Marxist?] projects and partnerships resulted from the Clinton Global Initiative, making a difference in the lives of more than 435 million people in over 180 countries.

“While the challenges our world faces today are steep, CGI has always been about what we can do, not what we can’t do,” Clinton wrote. “And by bringing diverse partners together to take action and achieve real results, we can create a culture of possibility in a world hungry for hope.”

They hadn’t feel charitable since 2016 but we are nearing Hillary’s third opportunity at the prize she has lived to attain — the presidency. Even if that isn’t the goal, it’s a vehicle to help whoever they pick to run. It spews money and propaganda galore.


Hillary called conservatives ‘deplorables’, but she also feels that way about everyday Americans in general. Remember when she re-introduced herself and did an ad about how she was the champion of the everyday American (see ad at the end)? Check out this leaked Wikileaks email:


She wants to be your Champion, you everyday Americans but she hates you. So, how does that work? When our rights come up, like the 1st and 2nd Amendments, will she be your champion?

When she told Wall Street she is two-faced and doesn’t relate to the middle class, she wasn’t kidding.

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