Bill Maher Riles Up the Angry, Left for Telling the Truth


During an interview with Joe Rogan on Tuesday, Bill Maher launched into an anti-Biden bill conversation that has his followers running rabid around Twitter saying a lot of vulgar things about him that we can’t post here.

Bill Maher, who is a very liberal guy, blasted the Build Back Better bill, the corruption, and the ineptitude we are all seeing. Maher wonders if there isn’t a point at which he will vote Republican – but he was joking only, no doubt.

Maher hasn’t suddenly become conservative. “That to me is not a Republican idea, it’s just…” Rogan jumped in to finish his sentence, saying, “common sense.”

Exactly! This is one of many ideas both right and left could agree with if Democrats hadn’t divided us.

He totally riled up his leftist allies who won’t tolerate any different opinions. They’re like trained puppies.

Here are a few:

@billmaher‘s transformation from creepy uncle to creepy ignorant uncle has been quite the spectacle. Is he aware that the only people quoting him nowadays are right-wing white men who start their sentences like: “even Bill Maher says…”

“Bill Maher Reveals the One Thing That Might ‘Tip Me Over to the Republican Side’” Anyone who can contemplate voting Republican (anti-democratic insurrectionists) is nobody I can listen to any longer. I’ve watched my last Maher show.

Joe Rogan and Bill Maher prove that two half-wits don’t make a wit. 


He infuriated them over these comments:

In one chat, he bashed the fearful people overdoing mask-wearing:

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