DC Dems Ignoring “Opportunities” to Sponsor Busloads of Illegals Dropped in Their Laps


DC Dems Ignoring “Opportunities”

to Sponsor Busloads of Illegals Dropped in Their Laps

Remember all those handwringing, pearl-clutching D.C. Democrat pols who have spent years virtue signaling about the perils facing illegal aliens streaming over our Southern Border?  

Well, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott has provided all of them with a terrific opportunity to show just how serious they are by dropping roughly 6 dozen border crashers just blocks from the Capitol Building.  

Given all the publicity accompanying the busses, one might have thought hundreds of breathless, empathetic Democrat congressmen and women would have taken a short walk and offered sponsorship for those in such desperate need.   

Nancy Pelosi, a teary-eyed visitor to the border when she thought it convenient to blame President Trump, might have brought along some of her famous gourmet ice creams.  After that, why not fly them back to her compound in San Francisco?   If Nan felt the single young men needed to earn their way, perhaps they could work in the Pelosi Vineyards.

AOC, who also thought she could make “Orange Man Bad” political hay by breaking down and sobbing for the cameras while visiting kids in Obama/Biden cages, might have easily broken any Spanish language barriers and swept a couple off in her Tesla.  Imagine all the mileage Cortez could have gotten by filling out the necessary paperwork live on Instagram.  

Of course, neither they nor any other Democrat lawmaker we are aware of came by to so much as drop off a bottle of water.  Even that was too much to ask.

Whether he knew it or not, Abbott exposed the Dems’ for the virtue signaling, fake, phony frauds they really are.  If it comes to them actually having to do something out of their comfort level they don’t give a damn about illegal immigrants, or for anybody other than themselves.  

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