Bombshell! Durham Filing Shows Sussman’s Trump-Russia Data was Fake, Implausible


The latest filing by Special Counsel John Durham confirms that indicted Clinton campaign and DNC attorney Michael Sussmann provided the CIA with Trump transition data from the White House. Additionally, the CIA found that this Trump-Russia data was implausible and “user-created”, according to Techno Fog’s analysis of the filing.

Spying evidence was submitted to prove to the court that the trial must go on. The spy activity continued from 2016 until after President Trump assumed the presidency.


The CIA reviewed the data in early 2017. They concluded that the data was not “technically plausible” and was “user created and not machine/tool generated.”

Rodney Joffe is the computer tech who collected the “implausible” data.

The CIA is being given a pass here. What about the fact that they colluded in a spying operation?

The previous Durham filing found that the FBI was given false information to pursue. Michael Sussman appears to have lied to the FBI. So, we are to believe the FBI agents were dumb enough to think this was worthy of investigation – poor dopes.

Techno Fog did a great job of explaining the filing and pulling the relevant parts which you can read here. The filing can be read below.

As suspected, this “implausible”, fake conspiracy helped distract from Hillary Clinton’s leaked Wikileak emails and it provided fodder for the fake Trump-Russiagate allegations. The Conservative Treehouse discusses the same issues, only better and in more depth.

If you go on Twitter now, you will still find people believe the Alfa Bank conspiracy is legitimate. What you won’t find is the media publishing this bombshell story, at least not accurately.

You can read the filing on the link or below:

70 – Memorandum in Oppositi… by Techno Fog

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