Billionaires Talking Climate Change Tie Up Air Traffic w/Their Private Jets


A cabal of some of the most high-profile people in media, finance, and technology descended on Idaho’s resort town of Sun Valley in private jets this past week to tackle, among other things, climate change.

On the day the conference began, traffic from private jets got to be so busy that the Federal Aviation Administration temporarily banned planes on the West Coast from taking off.

The FAA told Fox News it held planes on the ground at their departure airports to avoid congestion in the airspace around Sun Valley.

The manager of the Friedman Memorial Airport in the neighboring town of Hailey, predicted ahead of the conference that he expected more than 90 private planes.

A session preaching the perils of climate change to people who flew to the event on their own carbon-emitting Gulfstream jets rankled some business leaders that FOX Business contacted earlier in the week.

One CEO, ironically referring to Gates said, “Talking climate change on his private jet?”

Steve Milloy pointed out the obvious “Climate Hypocrisy”.  

So many billionaires in private jets flew to Sun Valley to hear 

@BillGates rave about climate that the FAA had to stop temporarily shutdown Western air space to other air traffic.

Often referred to as a summer camp for some of the world’s billionaires, this year’s fun in the sun was attended by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.  Billy’s public image has taken a hit over his upcoming divorce and reported ties to alleged sexual deviant Jeffrey Epstein.  

The closing speech was given by super-wealthy Warren Buffett.  

There were no “working-class Americans” taking a week off from work, and driving their cars and trucks to Idaho, so they could speak about real-life, everyday concerns.  

Why make the trip when their voices would likely have been drowned out by the roar of all those private, carbon polluting, jets, shuttling “woke” billionaires to and from their next virtue-signaling event? 




  1. It’s also where mergers and acquisitions take place. Odd that Trump wasn’t invited, considering he is also a Billionaire.
    People from the Intelligence community are also present, along with people like, oh really, Nikki Haley,
    Barry Diller, IAC
    Rupert Murdoch, News Corp
    Sara Blakely, Spanx
    Ursula Burns, Xerox
    Jack Dorsey, Square
    Aviv Nevo, Venture Capitalist
    Meg Whitman, HP
    Tim Armstrong, AOL
    David Zaslav, Discovery
    Tim Cook, Apple – who looks Stoned All The Time with his fully dilated pupils.
    Rob Marcus, Time Warner
    Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook
    James Murdoch, Fox
    All hosted by Wall Street’s most secretive firm, Allen & Co. a tiny financial advisory firm, who has brokered some of the most lucrative media deals.
    WHY are the heads of the CIA always present at these events.

  2. The self-appointed masters of the univers or Satan’s pwned pwns.
    You’ll own nothing and eat bugs you dumb democracy dullard.

  3. When you’re a member of the Billionaire’s Club, you know that no Western government can or will stand in your way, especially the US government. The US government is made up of 1) some of the people, and 2) sycophants ready and willing to pass laws that favor these billionaires, for the right price. Just ask the Clintons, Obama or Old Joe how lucrative that can be for you! These people know that they’ll never be held accountable for anything, and that the US and most of the world is literally up for sale at the right price. That is why they get together at events like these, to carve out the world and its resources. They level set their plan a few times throughout the year. Climate change? Hell, that’s just a ruse used by the big dogs to eliminate the smaller competition.

    • Ooh superman where are you now
      When everything’s gone wrong somehow
      The men of steel, the men of power
      We are losing control by the hour.

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