CNN WH reporter spews Cuban Communist propaganda blaming Trump


CNN, the Communist News Network, lived up to its nickname today during the White House presser when a reporter blamed Trump for the Cuban freedom protests, not the vicious communist regime.

CNN’s chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins noted how President Joe Biden’s press statement Monday on the Cuba protests described a call for relief from “the tragic grip of the pandemic.”

After that comment, she wanted to know why Biden hasn’t canceled the sanctions put in place by Donald Trump. She’s worried that people can’t send funds to the family.

Collins is spewing the Cuban communist propaganda spread by Cuba’s tyrannical president this week.

Psaki said there are exceptions under the embargo and the US can and does send aid. Psaki told Collins they had nothing new on that front.

Watch via Dinesh D’Souza:

Collins live-tweeted Psaki’s reply. “The White House offers no update on any changes to the administration’s Cuba policy. President Biden promised on the campaign trail to reverse the restrictive measures put in place by former President Trump,” she wrote on Twitter.

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