Biological male – a man – is New Zealand’s ‘Sportswoman of the Year’


A biological male — a man — Laurel Hubbard — is New Zealand’s ‘Sportswoman of The Year’.

A recent report from the Sports Councils Equality Group concluded that “trans women” (i.e., biological men identifying as women) have an advantage when playing in women’s sports.

The United Kingdom’s Sports Councils Equality Group, which includes representatives from sporting organizations across the U.K., took 18 months to compile information through hundreds of interviews with dozens of people and organizations.

They reported that there is a 10 to 12% advantage even when testosterone levels are reduced.

The report states, “Current research indicates that testosterone suppression does not negate this physical advantage over females and so cannot guarantee competitive fairness and/or safety.”

The report concluded that fairness in women’s sports cannot be maintained if trans athletes are allowed to compete.

They also went out of their way to push the inclusion of transgenders but the report is being ignored.

Olympic New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard — a biological man identifying as a woman — has been named “sportswoman of the year” by the University of Otago. This means that any other female Kiwi athletes who thought they might qualify are now confronted with the fact that a man calling himself a woman qualifies as more of a woman than they do in the eyes of the University of Otago.

Transgenders are calling it a big win. Hubbard is the first biological male to win the female title in its 113-year history. This is success for the Left but some of us think it’s unfair to women and not reality-based.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

They are not only running the asylum…they are, like the criminals, forcing everyone else behind bars. A pox on the lot…

There Is A Refuge So High
There Is A Refuge So High
2 years ago

Jacinda? That’s a man, baby!
Trans über alles is part of the Luciferian transhumanist globalist plan that the Derp State and its minions in the worst government that money can buy are all on board with.
All the world govs work for the globalist paymasters and the pimps demand some return on their investments.

O/T-back from the Pik-N-Pak and there is a fresh fear porn PSA “due to the rapid spread of new variants” (?) what are we up to the Lambda scariant yet or the Silver Shamrock Happy Halloween version, don’t forget your mask!
We strongly recommend vaxxed comrades mask up according to the CDC (CCP) guidelines, for what?
Enemedia is actually talking about the Canary Islands volcano and (s)elections in Iraq.