Biological Male at UPenn Is Ruining Women’s Swimming


The biological male swimmer at UPenn Lia Thomas, formerly Will Thomas, 22, smashed TWO US women’s records in weekend competition. Thomas finished one race 38 seconds ahead of him/her nearest rival.

Thomas broke two swimming records at an Akron, Ohio contest. The bio male won the women’s 1,650 freestyle in a record time of 15:59.71 beating the closest rival Anna Sofia Kalandaze by 38 seconds. Thomas regularly breaks records.

In the 500 freestyle, Thomas beat everyone by 14 seconds.

This bio-male ruined it for women for many years to come.

As we reported, bio-male Thomas competed in an event between Princeton and Cornell.

His success as a woman comes after competing as a man for three years up until November 2019.

The NCAA allows this if the bio-male uses testosterone suppression treatment for a year. However, men are just built bigger and stronger. The NCAA didn’t bother to consider that.

In high school. Thomas was a star swimmer — AS A MAN! He’s ruining women’s swimming, singlehandedly.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
9 months ago

Understand the Archangel Michael is suiting up for the game…will there be “pillars of salt” strewn around???

Historic Pencil Eraser Czar
Historic Pencil Eraser Czar
9 months ago

Gender is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy.
I identify as a pencil eraser and you must play along as part of the unity, comrade.
NO? Why you racist bigot, time for the garage pull unit to stop by untermenschen scum.

9 months ago

I find this criminal. This joker is biologically a male and until he gets his junk cut off he will always be a male. He evidently has no scruples. It appears to me that the only thing to do is for these girls, I mean the real girls, is to quit the team. Now I realize that most of them are there on scholarship, so that would make it a little tough. This has to change and this may have to go to the courts.