Bipartisan ‘breakthrough’ plan by 50 House members to open the USA for business


Fifty bipartisan congressmen in the House came up with a bipartisan plan [read below] to open the government. There was an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

As you read this, consider what is missing. It includes big spending and obstacles. The fact that it puts congress in the middle is an insurmountable obstacle. Right now, it’s the president and the governors. There are some very good things like bringing our medical supply chain back to the homeland, and rapid testing.

The biggest obstacle is it comes from the House and brings Nancy Pelosi, and then Chuck Schumer into the mix. Right now, it’s between the president and the governors. How many more roadblocks do we need?


The plan singles out hotspots and seeks to contain them. It calls for robust and rapid testing. A concerning requirement is a contact tracking database. It could be fine but it depends on how they use it. If it’s just for tracking the disease but does not put a marker on people to control them, then fine.

A few of the requirements: robust mass testing [over-emphasizes testing since we don’t need mass, we need random], frontline workers get PPE’s such as gloves, masks, goggles, school children and teachers must wear masks, mandatory configuring of layouts for workplaces to suit social distancing [do we know that this works better than herd immunity?], real-time health care worker information and hospital space [are we going to use those ridiculous charts again?], cleaning requirements, and more.

In order to open the government, which is currently at Great Depression rates of unemployment, the following will have to happen:
  • Bring our supply chains back from overseas
  • Loans for ailing businesses
  • Review regulations that stood in the way
  • Direct investments [taxes, stimulus, debt on the federal level] into states, counties, cities, towns, tribal governments
  • Job training stimulus
  • Infrastructure investment [stimulus, taxes, debt]
  • New and continued stimulus [endless increased debt until we crash and burn]
  • Agriculture relief [stimulus, debt]

Does it really have to be this complicated as our economy crashes and lives and livelihoods are destroyed? Where is the sense of urgency?


The plan starts out with the false premise that the Wuhan Virus will be part of our lives for the indefinite future until we have a vaccine. A vaccine may never come, and the virus could disappear if we allowed herd immunity.

This virus has qualities like SARS and HIV. We don’t yet have a vaccine for either of those. We don’t have a vaccine for the common cold. Instead of just looking for a vaccine, we need to consider herd immunity with social distancing for the population that is in danger. But this plan continues with the leftist schemata for the most part and keeps the government shut down for way too long.

All we are doing now with social distancing is flattening the curve and we aren’t stopping the disease. The only things that do stop it are vaccines and herd immunity.

We need cures and we already do have treatments that are working.


Back to Work Checklist by Fox News on Scribd

Watch a clip of a doctor talking about herd immunity:

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Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
3 years ago

No urgency because the multi thousand dollar refrigerators are well stocked with ice cream.
Meanwhile comrades in the glorious people’s republic of San Francisco dig in dumpsters looking for scraps.

3 years ago

Dear Democrats;
Just do this without Pelosi.
If you involve Pelosi, your political career is endangered.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Levin is accurate vs another Socialist plan

R Cosgrove
R Cosgrove
3 years ago

This is the best news source….I listen to the videos….Thank you for giving us the information. Thank you 1,000 times