Birx thinks lives were lost for not pausing sooner [instead of traveling like she did]


Dr. Birx told Dr. Sanjay Gupta all Covid-19 deaths after the first surge “could have been mitigated or decreased” if we had “paused” sooner.

She was a top advisor at the time. As the White House response coordinator, Birx praised Donald Trump and his understanding of science at the time.

Do these doctors have any clue as to how damaging this lockdown has been? Does she still not see there are other ways to deal with this? We can’t lock down like this again. The lockdown has been extremely damaging.

Gupta doesn’t even mention the fact that there would have been no vaccine without Donald Trump. The only mention was the ‘vaccine Dr. Fauci oversaw.’ It’s not likely he oversaw much. He was way too busy going from cable news station to cable news station.

The virtue signallers are going wild on Twitter, condemning her and calling DJT a killer. It’s all a distraction from the incompetent, doddering old man in the White House and his unlikeable communist VP.

This is a total crock.


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