Black Americans are reliable Dem votes but polls show it might be shifting


Vincent Hutchings, a political scientist who studies voter patterns at the University of Michigan, says the first major shift in black party affiliation away from the Republican Party happened during the Depression.

Franklin Roosevelt’s second administration — led by the New Deal — made the Democrats a beacon for black Americans deeply affected by the crushing poverty plaguing the country.

But many black voters stuck with the party of Lincoln.

“The data suggests that even as late as 1960, only about two-thirds of African-Americans were identified with the Democratic Party,” he says. “Now, two-thirds is a pretty big number. But when you compare it to today, that number hovers at about 90 percent.”

What happened?

Historically, African Americans turned to the Democrat Party with John F. Kennedy, who wisely reached out to Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife. He saw to it that he was released from prison while his wife Coretta was pregnant. He showed he cared for them and won 68% of their vote.

Then the 1964 Civil Rights vote, which could not have been won without the Republicans given the segregationist Democrats. But it became a negative for Republicans. Barry Goldwater, a Libertarian, won the primary over Nelson Rockefeller. He believed the Civil Rights Act was unconstitutional — although he said that once it had been enacted into law, it would be obeyed. But states, he said, should implement the law in their own time.

Goldwater sent the message that Republicans were opposed to the Civil Rights Act and the civil rights movement. Today, communists, as in the 1960s, are re-creating civil rights as the number one issue with Trump as the enemy so they can win votes.  They were a strong presence when MLK Jr. marched for Civil Rights and gave his ‘I have a dream’ speech.

There was a mass exodus from the Party of Lincoln under Goldwater, and it hasn’t come back, although the parties have changed, and many Black Americans are conservative.

The Democrats are now the corporations’ party, and President Trump has reached out to Blacks and improved their lives. In 47 years, Biden has done nothing but pretend he was involved with Civil Rights. He got ahead with the support of the Dixiecrat Dems who were in the KKK. And he continued his career with mind-blowing laws against people he called ‘predators’ in the 1980s. His law sent untold numbers of Black men to prison for long sentences over trivial crimes.


Black polling for President Trump appears to be the highest it has been for Republicans in nearly sixty years.


In this next clip, the Black man who is interviewed wants to vote for Donald Trump because of China, honesty, and overall protection of the American people.


The man in this video clip is well-informed, and he makes the best case for Donald Trump of any voter. He also explains what is wrong with China, Joe.

The gentleman understands that Donald Trump is not responsible for the virus. He is obviously an immigrant but a better American than half the country.


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3 years ago

When common sense is applied along accurate information blacks will be able to make wiser decisions vs emotional gyrations.

Billy Pilgrim's Vortex
Billy Pilgrim's Vortex
3 years ago

Locals of African-American heritage seem to be enjoying nice things.
They don’t fall for the everything is hellish mantra under Trump.
As for fundamentally transforming suburbia, all are welcome.
All races and creeds coexist in this sector. Mostly bedroom community where people keep to themselves.
Money to pay for it all is the only obstacle or barrier.
I doubt mommygov is going to be able to foot the bill for some of these nice new suburban subdivision sectors.
There is one around the corner that looks like the huge homes you see out in places like Colorado and just as well built.