Black Teens Assault White Trump Supporter, School Can’t Do Anything


Moore County School busThis is one of those cases that is ignored by a race-baiting left-wing media so we will report it here. We saw it first on Chuck Johnson’s Got News.

Two black North Carolina teens assaulted a white student for expressing support for President-elect Donald Trump. He is the son a a Trump surrogate and a pupil of Vice President Mike Pence’s wife.

This should make national news, shouldn’t it?

White Trump Supporters Are in Danger

There was photographic evidence of the victim’s torso and the assailant’s confession. Charges have been filed by the Moore County Police.

In the Victim Impact Statement requested by the Juvenile Court Counselor assigned to the case, fifteen year-old victim Patrick Daly wrote:

“On November 10th, I was riding my assigned bus home from school when two black students (fellow 9th grader Anthony Martin and a 10th or 11th grader named David) blasted the rap song ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ from a portable speaker connected to a smart phone. They played that trash as loud as they could play it on bus #181 for three weeks, over and over. I was sick of it, but they just kept cranking it out like it was their new national anthem.

After I expressed support for Trump, Anthony — an unusually muscular member of the football team wearing his hair in dreadlocks — turned on me, taunted ‘Say Trump again!,’ and threatened, ‘Say Trump again and I’ll punch you!’ When I said ‘Trump,’ Anthony leapt over a bus seat and struck me multiple times with his fist. All I said was ‘Trump’ and boom, he full on lost it and began punching me in front of more than a dozen witnesses.

After Anthony threatened me with violence (because of my race and political views) and completed his assault, David placed the speaker on which he had been playing ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ in front of me and played the rap recording repeatedly, after which he screamed in my face, ‘Now do you understand?!’”

He was assaulted because he was white and a Trump supporter.

Danger of Rap

The recording was extremely vulgar with references to violence. The rapper encourages violence towards Donald Trump and invited Hispanics and blacks to join in a race war against America’s white population.

It further calls for black and Mexican gangs to attack Trump supporters at rallies.

It gets much worse.

The song’s official video was published on YouTube on April 18th, only two months before an illegal alien traveled from California to Nevada and attempted to assassinate Trump on June 18th.

It has been viewed more than 14 million times.

Black football players at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette were recently disciplined by their coach after they were caught playing, singing, and dancing to the song in their locker room.

The Deplorables

Mrs. Daly asked a salient question. “When the so-called Black Lives Matter movement, mainstream news media, entertainment media, President Obama, and Secretary Clinton all repeat this nonsense that sixty million pro-Trump Americans are deplorable bigots, is it any wonder so many young black people have been motivated to commit violent hate crimes against white Trump supporters?”

She’s outraged that the school said they can do nothing. That isn’t the case when blacks, even criminal blacks in the commission of a crime, are the “victims”.

These hate-filled people are going to get people killed. You’re especially at risk if you’re a white, Trump supporter.

Mr. Daly further noted the large number of cases nationwide in which liberals – often blacks, Hispanics, feminists, homosexuals, or Muslims – have been caught or have admitted fabricating verbal or physical assaults on themselves from pretend assailants alleged to be Trump supporters. “Our corrupt Attorney General seems to be more concerned with these faked assaults than with real ones like the one my son endured, and it’s time for her to put an end to this hateful violence. Madame Attorney General, do your job,” said Daly.

Read the full story on this link.


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