Chris Matthews Says 2nd Amendment Doesn’t Allow Guns on Planes


In an interview with Tom Costello, Hardall’s Chris Matthews, said,  The Second Amendment does not allow you to carry a gun on an airplane.”

The conversation is in the aftermath of the mass killings in Ft. Lauderdale. This was not a preventable crime and whether it happened in a baggage area, a lobby of a hotel, or a mall, some places cannot be fully protected from lunatics. It has nothing to do with him carrying the gun in his bag.

Costello didn’t understand that simple fact and said, “…When you check a gun legally. The way it happens is you have to have a lock and hard shell case. You have to declare that to the airline. There are many people who check a weapon…hunters. You have gun enthusiasts who legally check a weapon. Mentally deranged individual gets off the plane, gets weapon, loads it and starts shooting people. Tonight the issue being discussed is do we have a whole new concern about the public area that we presume were safe in an airport…It’s a big concern.”

He is leaving out something here — Americans also have guns to protect themselves and it’s our God-given right.

Chris Matthews responded, “It’s interesting how we evolve what the 2nd Amendment means. For example, it does not allow you to carry a gun on an airplane, right? Where is that a place you cannot carry one but you can carry one in the baggage area.”

Does anyone remember reading that in the 2nd Amendment? Anyone?

What Matthews doesn’t understand, and refuses to understand, is the problem is the baggage area is a gun-free zone. Terrorists, criminals, and even madmen are drawn to gun-free zones. They don’t go to the shooting range to commit their vile deeds.

When Joy Reid of the was explaining how she thought the commerce of guns should be regulated, Matthews interrupted saying, “”You mean kill these gun shows? I’d love to see that.”

“We’ve got a Second Amendment. I don’t know what other country has anything like the Second Amendment but we darn well have it,” Matthews ranted. “How do we live with it and also live through it?”

He’s on a rampage and it’s the topic on each of his recent shows. Since the terrorist in Florida appears to be insane, the left will go with blaming the 2nd Amendment.

At the beginning of his latest tirade, Matthews blamed Americans for this jihadi insane person killing and wounding innocent Americans.

America’s “violent” and “free society” is to blame for Friday’s mass shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Chris Matthews said.

Unlike India, where Chris Matthews said he recently enjoyed visiting, America is “a pretty violent society.”

“I’ve always sensed, based on the stats, that not just counting guns but other means of killing somebody that we are a pretty violent society,” Matthews said.

After his guest offered up the idea that video games might be a “contributing factor” to the mass shooting, Matthews pivoted back to America’s violent tendencies.

“I just think it’s part of our free society. And, you might say that the fallout of a free society is that occasionally people are going to do this kind of thing.”

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