Black Author Explains How Dems Use Terror to Keep Blacks in Line


Vince Everett Ellison, the author of 25 Lies, told Laura Ingraham on her Fox show last night that Democrats have formed an unholy alliance with The Iron Triangle of Black pastors, organizers, and leaders. They pretend they care about crime but they don’t. They always use terror, crime, murder to keep control. It’s a mechanism to maintain control.

The left never tries to empower individuals. Instead, they put roadblocks in front of them and force them to rely on Big Government. Mr. Ellison pointed to several lies of Joe Biden in the clip below.

Ellison blames Blacks for the crime in cities. These ruthless leaders in the city have destroyed the family, the churches, economy, educational system because they want control.

He will never give up his freedom, he said.

It’s a frightening view of Democrats today, who are not the Democrats of JFK, but it rings true. They aren’t stupid. These people know what is destroying the Black communities and cities. Yet, they use red herrings to distract from the damage their policies have caused.


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