Black families rally with police in Oakland, white privileged radicals counter


Oakland, California is known for its crime. It’s lawless and almost all of the crime is black on black. No one talks about that. A faith-based group of nearly 200 black families rallied with police to call for an end to gun [gang] violence. They want more police.

Calling it gun violence is a distraction and doesn’t address the core problem — gangs and poor enforcement, which is the fault of the politicians.

White privileged ACABs [all cops are bastards] showed looking like their insane selves. They jeered the families, some of whom lost loved ones recently. ACABs are almost always Antifa. This communist-anarchist group thinks the police are domestic terrorists.

There was a verbal confrontation at one point between the white privileged ACABs and the black actual victims of crime. The black families blasted the kooks.

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong has been trying to find ways to deal with the crisis and is enlisting public support in this far-left city as the council moves further and further away from law and order. He can be heard in the last clip.

Oakland Police Chief Armstrong:

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