LeBron stopped talking politics as he fell off his throne


According to the ‘social media use survey’ by Sports Insider — using trends software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data — negative mentions of NBA players on Twitter were tracked They found LeBron James, King James, is the most hated player in the NBA.

The study tracked negative tweets such as “I hate LeBron” or “LeBron sucks” and similar negative comments for many players.

The data was then grouped by region and measured against which players received the most negative tweets across a map of states.

James is the king of hated players with 24 states truly disliking him. Kyrie Irving came in second.

The rankings:

Lebron James – 24 states
Kyrie Irving – 18 states
James Harden – 3 states
Kevin Durant – 3 states
Russell Westbrook – 1 state
Paul George – 1 state

L.A. Lakers star LeBron James was rated most hated in states including Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and others.

He has a new kingdom now and sits on the throne of the most hated.

LeBron is often obnoxious while sporting a superior attitude. It’s his fault that people don’t like him. His love for the violent communist group Black Lives Matter immediately turns off half the country, and ‘no,’ we’re not all white supremacists.

Will he keep his endorsements?

He never admits his politics is a problem. It’s not just the disrespect for the flag and the police, but rather it’s also his love affair with the Chinese Communists which is important to him so he can “support his family.” Oppressed multi-millionaire LeBron needs to stop seeing himself as a victim of this country he seems to dislike.

Lately, he hasn’t said much about politics. That might help his image.

People don’t want to hear this and Laura Ingraham was almost jobless for saying it, but she’s right, LeBron should shut up and dribble. He’s ill-informed at best.

 reported this first.

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