Black Fathers Stand Up Where White Elitists Fear to Tread-In a Failed Gov’t School 


Black Fathers Stand Up Where White Elitists Fear to Tread-In a Failed Gov’t School 

This is a truly uplifting story covering the mission of 40 fathers who happen to be Black, volunteering to change the climate in a failed government school crippled by 3 straight days of fighting.  The battles caused a massive police response and led to 23 arrests.

They call themselves “Dads On Duty” and decided “….the best people who can take care of our kids are who? Us.  We’re out doing what we do for our babies.”  

No haughty Critical Race Theory or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training for this crew of men walking the walk, in schools where elitists fear to tread.  

Please check out this terrific video, which says so very much in two minutes, about how to fix the public school horrors found in too many Democrat run cities.    

God Bless these guys:

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1 year ago

In the 1960’s, under the Democrat LBJ, Black Dad’s were forced out the home with Government Entitlement Policies, FBI Drug Policies, and just a full court press against men in general. I’m surprised that the Communist Democrat Liberal Losers didn’t call the local police to have these Dad’s arrested for Trespassing, then contact the FBI and DoJ to have them declared Domestic Terrorist. It’s long passed time that Men in America, stand up and take control over their Communities and but ALL of Government back in it’s place. Back in the 1960’s, a woman’s cry was to get Government out of the Bedroom, it’s past time that the men’s mission in America is to get Big Government out of the school and put community and religion back in. We need to abolish the Department of Education and take that money and control and put it at the Local level. It’s Time that States do away with public schools and their lack of discipline and start financing education via Student vouches so Parents have control of the money and thus control of the schools again. We need to stop Government from confiscating our money in the form of taxes and control us with it. We need to stop Liberals from indoctrinating our children to hate each other. Mom’s became outraged over what our children are being thought, we need more dad’s to ensure there is discipline in our schools so kids will learn the Science needed in the 21st century instead of being taught all that Communist Democrat Liberal Loser Social Justice horse manure.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek