New Yorkers Storm Barclays Center, “Let Kyrie Play!”


On Sunday, protesters crashed through the barricades at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York bearing an American flag and shouting anti-vaccine mandate slogans like “no more mandates!” and urging the NBA to “let Kyrie play!”

The Nets were on lockdown for a short time.

New Yorkers have been marching in the city throughout the summer but the media is oddly uninterested or they insult the protesters. Politicians don’t care either because we are a one party state.

Tomorrow city workers will march across the Brooklyn Bridge.



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Frank S.
Frank S.
8 months ago

Kyrie Irving, a Black man is being kept from competing for his pro sports team in liberal NYC. So the real Jim Crow 2.0 has been authored and enforced by Democrats Joe Biden and Bill de Blasio. Just like old times. Same racist party, just further north.