Black Hawks gone! At least 45 are now in the hands of the Taliban/ISIS/al Qaeda/China


Rep. Jim Banks said today that the administration left at least 45 Black Hawks in Afghanistan. They are not only $21 million apiece, but they also contain our most advanced and once-secret technology. It’s now in the hands of medieval thugs.

The Black Hawk is a highly versatile aircraft. Although a transport chopper, the UH-60 is deadly when outfitted with electronic warfare systems, as well as heavy armaments. The Black Hawk can also be equipped with an array of missiles including AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and AIM-92 Stingers. The latest versions of this helicopter carry two General Electric 701D turbo shaft engines that allow it to achieve excellent speed and maneuverability.

The Chinese, Russians, ISIS, al-Qaida, Iran all have access now.

As we reported over the weekend, the Taliban et al have a list of Afghans who helped Americans along with their biometric data. They also have the biometric scanners we left behind, and are going house-to-house murdering Afghans on the list and/or their families.

Rep. Banks said that the Biden administration has transported seven times more Afghans than Americans out of Afghanistan. [It’s whoever shows up]

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist put up a shortlist of what was left behind.

Another report notes the following were left behind: 2,000 armored vehicles, 162,000 radio, and communications devices, and 16,000 night vision goggles.

The crazies are celebrating the amount of equipment left behind:

Then there is that open border.

Biden doesn’t trust the media or at least no more than the Taliban:

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