Australia’s police are running over people in their dystopian hellscape


In Australia, an ‘illegal’ church was shut down by the police, $35 000 in fines were handed out, there is a 9 pm curfew in greater Sydney, and the police can lockdown entire apartment buildings. The government deployed the Army to patrol the streets. Children have been tear-gassed by police.  The government is also building quarantine camps.

We have a series of examples.

It’s for your health:

The Man in the Elevator

In the video below, a man in an elevator, who is under arrest, is seen coughing without covering his mouth. The police chief who is narrating says he’s the ‘worst of the worst.’

Also in the video, teenagers are seen getting fined $1,000 each for going outside of their homes. They don’t appear to be sick.

The police chief comes back on to say that there are 681 penalty infringement notices issued in the last 24 hours. More than 400 of those notices were again for people being outside of their homes without a reasonable excuse.”

They were outside and that warrants a notice?

Australia has gone mad. They are making felons out of the ordinary working man and woman.

Truckers plan to go on strike and shut down the country until the dictators in power relent. They want to “shut down this sh-t government.”

Children are being pepper-sprayed for holding a sign?

A sign has to be put outside any home with a COV-afflicted person.

Australia looks like China:

If this is true, this is crazy.

Then there’s this:

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