Black Lives Matter ‘protests’ take over “racist Long Island”


Black Lives Matter comes to my neighborhood and many of our neighborhoods on Long Island. As I write this, you should know that I see BLM as a violent terrorist organization. I have gone undercover with these radical groups and met a lot of BLM. There are some very sincere, nice people, there are criminals, ex-Black Panthers, and people on something. They are communists.

They were also receiving payment from an organization funded by George Soros. We witnessed the ‘protesters’ screaming at one of the workers for not paying them.

This group is now traveling to individual towns to rally. The residents aren’t very receptive, not out of bigotry, but rather, because they know this group can be violent and destructive. Long Islanders will fight back.

If you look at the flyer, you can see they are not friendly:

Long Islanders are being stereotyped but the truth is we are not privileged. We are the hard-working Americans who earned what we have.

We also love our police here in Suffolk and we won’t tolerate hate, lies, and violence aimed at them.

Many neighborhoods on Long Island are segregated. Years ago, realtors steered minorities to minority neighborhoods. That has changed. No one would stop a minority from moving into a white neighborhood at this point in time. But in all this, what people are ignoring is many blacks don’t like whites and choose to live in black areas.

I know this from decades of working in the schools.

This could get nasty, but not because whites on Long Island are biased. It’s because BLM is viewed as an out of town group coming to stir up trouble.

We will start covering this beginning Sunday, but did pull some video from Twitter where it’s trending.

They met resistance:

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